Orange and Carrot Rice

Orange and carrot rice:

This recipe is a very sweet variation to plain rice. This recipe not only has amazing taste of orange but also has a goodness of plenty of carrots. Enriched in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, this recipe has plenty of goodness of nutrients and minerals from nuts.

A very healthy alternative to plain rice, this can be eaten as a dessert or as a complete meal whenever you want to satisfy your sweet (not so sweet though) cravings.

They taste equally yum when eaten cold as compared to hot. This makes them a perfect option for picnic food, lunch box and travel food. You do not require any side dish with this recipe.

Above all, they freeze beautifully. All I do is, divide them in portion and freeze them in snap lock bags. So whenever anyone in our family wants to eat it, pull the bag and pour rice in microwave safe bowl and warm it to desired temperature. This made my life easy sometimes when I am packing lunch for my toddler’s day care or going on long drive and do not have time to cook food.

Any ways let us come to the recipe now.

Ingredients :

1 cup Rice (any variant but I prefer basmati)
¼ cup Sugar (or as per taste)
2 cup grated carrots
1 tsp orange zest
½ cup nuts of your choice
½ cup raisins
½ tsp cardamom powder
1 clove
2 cups water
1tbsp Ghee (clarified butter)
1 tbsp desiccated coconut (optional)


There are three steps in this process. First includes half boil rice. Second includes dry roasting desiccated coconut (omit this if not using coconut) and other step is adding sugar and other ingredients.

First step:

  1. Wash and soak rice for 15 minutes.
  2. Take a pan and warm 1 cup of water. Once the water heated up, add drained rice.
  3. Now cover the rice. Cook the rice on medium flame till the water is absorbed.

Second step:

  1. Take a pan and dry roast desiccated coconut till it changes a light colour. Take care not to burn the coconut. So roast it on low flame.

Third step:

  1. Take a pan or wok. Add ghee and warm it.
  2. Now add cardamom and clove. Fry it little
  3. Once this is done, add nuts and roast them.
  4. After roasting nuts, add coconut, orange zest, carrots and sugar.
  5. Add 1 cup of warm water. Wait for a minute to let mix everything in water and water is almost near boiling point.
  6. Add cooked rice and lower the flame. Cover and cook till all water is absorbed approximately for 15 minutes.
  7. Off the flame and let it sits for 5 minutes.
  8. Serve fresh with fresh cream or without anything.
  9. For freezing cool it down completely and then freeze

Note:Any nuts of your choice can be used. Walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts are preferable

  1. Dates/date syrup can also be added to increase natural sweetness.
  2. For Orange zest, grate orange part of orange peel and do not grate the white portion.
  3. If ghee is not handy, one can also use butter. But it tastes best with ghee.

Try this recipe and share love with your family. Happy Cooking!!!

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