Pizza flavoured semolina bread with vegetables

Pizza flavoured semolina bread with vegetables20181215_102821.jpg

Another healthy and yummy recipe with loads of vegetables! The pizza flavour bread with loads of vegetables is a type of an instant pizza when you have lack of time to make real pizza and want to enjoy flavours of pizza. This is also a great evening snack /meal option for kids, toddlers especially those kids who doesn’t like to eat chunky vegetables.

This is a wonderful recipe for breakfast. Unlike pizza, this bread remains soft for longer which makes it a great recipe for lunch box, travel food as well. Make sure to cool it down before you pack it.

Any bread of your choice can be used to make this recipe. I have used brown bread to give it a healthy touch.

Another ingredient Semolina is a great source of iron, protein and fibre makes it a healthy and popular choice for health lovers, weight watchers and growing kids.

This recipe:

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook time: 15 min
Serves: 6 breads



6 Brown/ white/ multigrain bread slices of your choice
8 tsp semolina
3 tsp of yogurt/Greek yogurt of your choice
3-4 tsp Pizza sauce (optional)
Milk to make batter
2 tsp red pepper/yellow pepper or both
2 tsp of green pepper
2 tsp of chopped onion
1 tsp of chopped tomatoes
1 tsp of corn kennels
2 tsp of spinach
½ tsp of salt or as per taste
Green chilli (optional)
Black pepper as per taste
Olive oil/butter for frying on pan



  1. Take semolina in bowl. Add yogurt and milk to form a thick batter. Add salt and leave it aside for 10 min. more milk will be added later if required.20181215_094411.jpg
  2. Now after 10 minutes. Add all vegetables and mix them well. Now add milk if required to make it a spreadable batter. The batter should be thick like cheese spread and not be runny. 20181215_094728.jpg
  3. Add pepper.
  4. Now take a bread slice and spread ½ tsp of pizza sauce on slice and then spread 1 tsp of batter on the slice.
  5. Take a flat pan/ tawa. Heat it and spread some oil on heated tawa.
  6. place the bread on tawa with batter side down on tawa and plain side up.
  7. spread butter/spread/olive oil on plain side.
  8. once the bottom side has changed colour flip the bread and roast the plain side.
  9. Flip it again to make sure the batter is completely cooked. 20181215_102558.jpg
  10. Serve warm and fresh with ketchup/ sweet chilli or any sauce of your choice.20181215_102721.jpg



  • Any vegetable of choice can be used with this recipe. You can also try chopped beans , carrot and broccoli
  • Any type of bread can be used


Try this yummy recipe and let me know how it was. Any feedbacks would be appreciated. Happy cooking!!


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