Slow cooker makes life faster???

Welcome to the world of slow cooking. They say ‘slow cooker makes our life faster’. As a speedy cook, I never believed this until I bought a slow cooker. It took me ages to convince myself to buy a slow cooker for me, but I have never regretted it.

The cooking on slow cooker takes time but it actually saves you huge amount of ‘your’ time. It does its own job and doesn’t need you to interfere in that.

Some Indian cooking recipes takes so long to cook on stove top and needs frequent stirring. You can not leave kitchen until your dish is ready. This means dedicated 2-3 hours to kitchen are required.

As a working mum, I could have never thought of getting up and cook anything because of short of time and getting my toddler ready for preschool. But the things have changed now. It is easier for me to spend 10 minutes preparing for recipes and to chuck everything in slow cooker and go away. When I come back home, the aroma of food and the feeling of free evening give me intense happiness. Now free evenings are spent in better way instead of long cooking hours.

It sounds easy to chuck everything in slow cooker. However, there are some tips and techniques to get full flavours in slow cooker. The right amount of water, spices and timings make exceptionally yummy dishes in slow cooker. This is my personal experience.

There are some dishes, once you make them in slow cooker you will never go back to conventional cook top. Slow simmering in slow cooker will enhance flavours that can never be achieved in stove top cooking.

I found that keeping Bhuna masala (onion tomato gravy) in fridge, saves 30 minutes of my time every day especially when I am cooking in slow cooker. It is easier to grab gravy from fridge, tweak as per recipe and put that in slow cooker along with main ingredients and get set go!!!

I would keep sharing all techniques and tips with my slow cooking recipes blogs.

P.S: This is my personal experience article and not an advertisement of any slow cooker.

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