Whole wheat Garlic parantha- healthy and yummy

Whole wheat Garlic parantha- healthy and yummy20181201_105040.jpg

If you are fond of garlic bread and looking for a healthy substitute of garlic bread. This recipe is for you. This will surely satisfy your garlic demanding taste buds without compromising on calories and fats. This is also a good recipe for kids if you do not want them to give too much white bread.

My toddler loves garlic bread and she equally loves this parantha.

Apart from taste another good thing about this parantha is time saving recipe and very easy to make.

This recipe:

Prep time : 15 minutes including making dough

Cook time :15 minutes

Makes : 6 parantha


Dough for roti/parantha

6-7 cloves of garlic- grated


Ghee( optional)

Olive oil for frying

Method :

  1. Take small of amount of dough in a ball shape. Roll it flat.
  2. Add a layer of oil/ ghee.
  3. Now spread ½ tsp of garlic and sprinkle salt.
  4. Fold the sides to make a square shape , so that garlic is enclosed inside for easy rolling.
  5. Now dust the flour and roll it again in any desired shape. 20181201_104318.jpg
  6. Heat the tawa/ flat pan. Put raw parantha on tawa. When it change colour flip the side and spread olive olive oil in top. Flip the side again after some time. Add oil and keep roasting on tawa.
  7. serve warm with butter/ghee. 20181201_105053.jpg


Try this recipe. Share your views and feedback. Happy cooking!!

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