Multigrain Savoury Pancake loaded with Vegetables

Multigrain savoury pancake loaded with vegetables20181210_192759.jpg

This delish Savoury multi grain pancake is loaded with vegetables and certainly a very healthy snack meal option. This is made up of 3 flours: whole wheat flour, oats flour and rice flour. Sometimes I add chickpea flour as well. All flours are healthy and full of iron. All flours can be given to all ages from 6 moths of age.

This pancake is loaded with iron, protein and other nutrients. Carrots, broccoli and spinach go very well in this pancake. My toddler really adores this pancake and she can not judge that I have added many vegetables in that. This is one of must try recipe as a snack or meal.

I have never tried this to send in lunch box that is why can not recommend this as a lunch box recipe.

This recipe :

Prep time : 10 min
Cook time : 10 min
Serve : two pancakes


2 tsp full whole wheat flour
2 tsp full oats powder (I just powdered rolled oats in blender)
1 tsp of Rice flour / beaten rice (poha)
1 tsp of chickpea flour (optional)
2 tsp finely chopped/grated broccoli
2 tsp finely chopped/grated spinach (I have used frozen spinach)
1 tsp finely chopped/grated carrots
¼ tsp of salt or as per taste
Pinch of cumin seeds
Water to make batter
Olive Oil /butter for roasting pancake on pan.

Note :

  1. Frozen vegetables can be used. Make sure to thaw them and chop them.
  2. other vegetables can be used as well
  3. The quantity of vegetables can be adjusted as per liking.
  4. Choice of poha can be used in place of rice
  5. Rice flour can be skipped if not available


  1. Combine all flours, salt , cumin seeds in a bowl. Add water to make a thin paste. Do not add too much water. It should be of cake consistency and not very runny.
  2. Keep it aside for 10-15 minutes.20181210_191117-e1544487182257.jpg
  3. Now add all chopped vegetables and add water to adjust the consistency of required
  4. Now heat the pan /tawa on medium heat.
  5. Add oil and spread the batter.20181210_192201.jpg
  6. Once the upper side change a colour. Flip the side and apply oil.
  7. Roast it on medium heat so that it thoroughly get cooked from inside.20181210_191717.jpg
  8. It would take little longer to cook than a regular pan cakes.
  9. Serve warm with butter/ketchup or pickle of your choice.


This is a must try recipe and very flexible to adapt changes. Please share your views. Happy cooking!!


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