3 Ingredients- wholemeal Pancake

3 Ingredients- wholemeal Pancake20181128_191118-1.jpg

wholemeal flour pancakes are yummy treat to satisfy sweet tooth cravings for everyone especially for kids. it is healthy for kids because they are made of wholemeal flour and Jaggery powder.

Jaggery is made from sugarcane and less processed which is healthier option to white sugar. We can also use coconut sugar instead of Jaggery if jaggery powder is not available.

Apart from a desert treat, this  recipe is  a comfort food for kids in sour throat cold and mouth ulcers. When ever my toddler is sick and doesn’t feel like eating anything, she never refuses to eat this

These pancakes can easily be eaten in lunch box and travelling. They remain soft even after few hours. 

This Recipe:

Makes : 2 pancakes medium sized

Prep time: 2 min

cook time: 5 min



8 tsp heaped of Atta (Wholemeal flour/whole wheat flour)

4 tsp Jaggery powder (coconut sugar)

1/2 tsp of fennel seeds powder for flavour (can also use cardamom/cinnamon/ ginger /nutmeg/vanilla flavours)

clarified butter/ghee for frying/roasting (wont recommend to use vegetable oil)

Water to make batter.


  1. Mix flour, jaggery and fennel seed powder in a bowl. Add enough water to make batter slightly thinner than cake. 20181128_185906.jpg
  2. please make sure not to add too much water to make it runny and non spreadable  on pan.
  3. Keep aside for 10 minutes.
  4. Heat flat pan. Add little ghee/butter and once warm. Spread the batter.20181128_190418.jpg
  5. make sure not to spread the batter in very thin layer, it will make a very hard pancake.
  6. sprinkle few drops of ghee on pancake and turn it over once the colour is little changed. 20181128_190520.jpg
  7. Keep flipping after few seconds by applying ghee as required until nicely roasted or cooked.
  8. Once ready, apply little ghee and serve warm to kid. The warmness and sweetness of pancake will sooth sour throat. 20181128_191704.jpg



  1. Use clarified butter or unsalted butter only for frying.
  2. Serve warm to get relieve in sore throat or cold.
  3. Do not drink cold water  straight after eating this pancake.
  4. if required, drink warm/luke warm water.


Please try this recipe as a comfort food , evening snack, lunch ideas, cheat food for weight watchers and let me know how it was.  Share your feedbacks. Happy cooking!!

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