Broccoli crumble- for broccoli hater kids- 2 minutes snack

Broccoli Crumble 20181117_190940.jpg

Broccoli is full of Vitamin C , D and other nutrients. I personally feel that it is a must eaten vegetable for my toddler. But There are times when we struggle to feed them broccoli. This easy quick and 2 minutes snack is so yummy that every person who generally hates to eat broccoli would love it. It smells so delicious that you can not resist yourself eating it. Apart from that it can be used to sprinkle over salads, rice or other dishes to give them nice taste and colour.

This recipe:

Prep time:  2 min (if you have a good chopper/dicer)

Cook time : 1 minute

serves: 1 toddler

Ingredients :

1-2 florets of Broccoli (fresh or frozen)

pinch of salt

1/2 tsp olive oil /butter

2 pinch dry mango powder / few drops of lemon juice


Method :

  1. Wash and finely chop the broccoli. I used frozen florets. Microwaves them and chopped in chopper.
  2. take a flat pan. put some oil and add broccoli20181117_190820.jpg
  3. fry the broccoli on high heat. sprinkle salt.
  4. once broccoli starts browning , sprinkle lemon juice or mango powder whatever is available. If using lemon juice, fry for few more seconds.
  5. serve fresh .



  1. If packing for lunch box, let it cool down and then pack to prevent sogginess.
  2. few drops of lemon juice should be enough. Prefer to use dry mango powder.

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