Potato spinach Bhaji (Pakora for toddlers/kids)


Potato spinach Bhaji (Pakora for toddlers/kids)

Bhaji is Indian snack in which particular vegetables are dipped in black gram flour/chickpea flour called “besan” in hindi and deep fried in oil. This recipe is dedicated to fussy toddlers/kids who do not like to eat vegetables but fond of fried snacks. Even though it is deep fried, this iron enriched recipe is considered healthy for kids.

There are so many varieties of pakora in India. Any vegetable can be used to make pakora but  I used chopped frozen spinach, onion and grated potatoes for toddler recipe because kids love potatoes and do not like spinach. in this recipe spinach and potatoes get along very well. Sometimes I used grated carrot, beans and peas as well and they tastes yum too. This time I wanted to concentrate on loads of spinach (iron) and keep the recipe simple and quick.

So lets make this recipe:

prep time: 5-7 min

cook time/ frying time : 10 min

makes 10-12 pakoras depending upon size you choose.

Main Ingredients:

2-3 tablespoon gram flour/besan

1/2 small Onion – chopped finely

1 garlic clove (optional)- chopped finely/ minced / grated

1 potato grated

frozen spinach – 8-10 small cubes / 2-3 big cubes. (fresh can be used)


1/2 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp red chili (as per taste)

1/4 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp dry mango powder or 1/2 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp cumin powder


  1. Take a bowl. add onions, potatoes, spinach, garlic and mix well. 20181012_144956.jpg
  2. Now add spices.20181012_145056.jpg
  3. Add besan just enough to wrap the vegetables nicely. Too much besan can make the pakoras hard and also the idea of feeding your toddlers a good amount of vegetables will fail.
  4. Now add water to make a thin paste as shown.20181012_145345.jpg
  5. Take pan, add vegetable oil. once oil id hot. Add a tsp of batter in oil 20181012_145805.jpg
  6. fry them till golden color. keep changing sides so that besan cook completely.
  7. serve them with sauce or chutney of your choice. If making for yourself. You can use chopped vegetables instead of grated. Enjoy this with masala chai especially on cold rainy day.



Share you views and feedback with me. Happy cooking!!

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