Masala Chai/ Indian spice tea

Masala Chai/ Indian spice tea20181011_155652.jpg

Chai is a Hindi language name for Tea in India. Indians are generally fond of tea and this inspired them to be inventive in making various types of teas. Masala chai is a tea with all spices. This spiced tea taste amazing. It is wonderful drink for soar throat and tasty hot drink in cold & rainy weather.

Masala chai is very easy to make and can be made in various ways. Most amazing thing is if you do not have all ingredients , it would still taste amazing

This recipe:

Prep time : 2 min

Cook time : 10 min

serves:  2 cups


1 – 1/4 cup water

1 cup Milk

2 tea bags (any black tea of your choice)

sugar 2 tsp or as per your taste

1 pinch of salt

For Masala (Spices)

1 inch ginger  :grated / crushed

4-5 pods of black pepper

1/4 tsp carom seeds or fennel seeds

2 pinch of cinnamon powder

1 pinch of nutmeg powder

1/4 tsp of dried ginger

1 pod of green cardamom

1-2 leaves of fresh mint

Method :

  1. Crush all spices together in mortal and pester.20181011_154007.jpg
  2.  Put water in pan and place it on cook top on high flame.
  3. Once water starts boiling, Add all spices and cover it with lid on low flame for 5- 7 minutes20181011_154229.jpg
  4. After that, add tea bags, sugar and salt to water.
  5. Cover it again and let the tea bags boil for 2 minutes or so.20181011_154819.jpg
  6. Now add milk and high the flame .Once tea reached boiling point. Reduce the flame and let it boil for 3-4 minutes.20181011_155143.jpg
  7. Off the gas. Sieve the tea in cups and enjoy cuppa with mix veg Bhaji or cookies.



  • Adjust the spices and sugar as per your taste.
  • The same method can be used to make ginger tea, cardamom tea, fennel seeds tea, mint tea, carom seeds tea.

Happy Cooking!!!


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